How Much meaning Does Your Life have?

Guess what? We all are going to die one day. My question is how is the quality of your life at the moment? Some would say “GREAT!” They would say that they have a fine job, family, material stuff ect. Some would talk about their fame or popularity. I have seen so many that say that one day and then be miserable the next. They take their lives due to “depression”. Some say that their lives suck because of the lack of money, love, notoriety ect… Can I keep this about scripture? Thank you. David said this in Psalm 16:11:

You will make known to me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; in Your right hand there are pleasures forever.

In other words, and please get this for all of you clueless people: Life’s true meaning comes only in your relationship with God. We were created in order to find true meaning in HIM. Your degree(s), the drugs, the booze, the achieved recognition and all that stuff that you throw yourselves into don’t really give true meaning to your lives. All of that is temporary fixes that won’t last or give true meaning to your lives. To be honest when we place those things in front of or above God, HE will oppose them. Your feelings of emptiness, depression and unrest are just signals that you need to shift your focus in HIS direction. YOU DON’T HEAR ME… Mark this word here though.. You will never find REAL peace, fulfillment and a sense of being whole until you find it in God. I’m a living witness that when you look at building your life around HIM, HE will meet every need. Saying this, I’ll ask the question. How much meaning does your life really have?

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