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Last Sundays' Sermon


Today at The Rock on FB Live
Topic “I’m Going Through a Storm, but I Ain’t Gone Drown!”
Scriptures - Mark 4: 35-40 and  Matthew 14: 22-33

Wow, Pastor Brown delivered this message today specifically for The Fairleys. When you read the highlights, you will feel that it was delivered for you as well. I’ll keep them short and simple this time:
     Storms have the potential to kill. It is storm season for many of us, but know that in the storm, God will speak. Sometimes you only need confirmation of God’s voice as Peter did in his storm. God will always confirm HIS presence. Stop, calm down, and get that clarity from God! Here is food for thought:
1. Remember to remember Jesus in your storm! We need HIM!
2. God allows us to go through storms to let us know we need Him!
3.  Even if you’re praying and are not seeing results, continue praying. The storm may not cease immediately, but you are in God’s hands and you will get through it!
4. If you have lost focus, refocus! Look through the storm, not at the storm!
5. If you find yourself in the storm, calm down and look for Jesus! You ain’t gone drown!!



To see the complete sermon, visit the Sermons Link which is under the Rock of Refuge Tab