Heavenly Father,

First and foremost, I magnify you… Acknowledge you as MY GOD! The maker of heaven and earth. Ruler of the universe.. I pray that it is your will that those who come to this page with a petition, that they are in your will. I pray that because I know that if one is in your will, they can ask you for anything. For those who aren’t quite there, I stand in the gap for them. Some are in need of physical healing.. Some spiritual awakening.. Some need relationships healed or revealed. Some want to get to know you or know you better. Whatever the case may be, if their name rests on this page, I pray that you move on their behalf. This being my prayer in the matchless, magnificent name of Jesus the Christ. AMEN..

If you wish to be added to our prayer list, email us. I welcome all prayer warriors to join me in prayer each day at 6 AM

Those on this prayer list are:

The Brown Family, Kai Ministries, Daran Wankum, St. James CME Church, My Potters Crossing family, West Virginia Family, The Service members of the United States of America, The Little Family, The Rogers family, The Hills, Fields, Douglass, Suttons, Shockley family, Leak Family,Rock of Refuge Christian Fellowship, Brent Travers and Fam, Landon Loving and family, Ed banks and family,  S.L. Moore,  All of those who say "pray for me." .

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Prayer Requests

Let us know what you'd like us to stand in agreement with you on.

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Praise Reports

Tell everyone what the Lord has done for you.

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