Stay on The Path!

I was reading a scripture in Proverbs today and it got me thinking as I look at the world and how most folks think. I have been talking to my folks about staying focused on what is important and how critical it is to stay on the path. I read a book which explained further to me the mindset of most of Americans.. Here is what it said..” 74% of Americans think it is all right to steal from people who they believe will not really miss it; 64% believe it is acceptable to lie, as long as no one gets hurt; 93% say they decide moral issues by their own experience or opinion.” I believe that the WORD is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path.. When I deviate from it, I take the chance of getting lost. I imagine it this way. A kid is given a path to stay on in order to get home to safety. The path may seem long and boring at times.. Lonely at times… But the path definitely leads home. Well, then we have those who think that they know more than the one who gave the instructions (God). They figure out a shortcut.. Or they want to get off the path because they believe that they can find some temporary pleasure… Relief.. Have a little fun.. They like the sound of what’s coming out of the woods. It doesn’t seem dangerous along the wood line and they have stored up a few breadcrumbs to get them back where they are if they decide to come back. So, they follow the sounds of the woods.. They hear the laughter.. The songs feed their flesh… The news of the things done in the woods seem so much more appealing. Then all of the sudden the woods become dark.. You can’t tell one tree from the other. They find themselves turned around and the inhabitants of the woods really don’t care if you are lost. They have accepted themselves being lost. Misery loves company. The bread crumbs have been eaten by the birds of the woods or have blown off the beaten path. Now, hunger settles in… Fatigue settles in.. The path that was there for you to get home is nowhere in sight.. The end result of your disobedience… Death.. If you have been placed on the path to get home safely, stay on it. Don’t follow them into the woods.. Don’t fall for the hype of the noise that they make.. Stay focused on the direction that you have been pointed in.. Yes, it may feel lonely at times.. Not many are built to endure this journey.. Not many find the destination worth it all but trust me, IT IS… Stay focused on the light.. Don’t trust your intellect (regardless of how many degrees you may have… ) Lean not into your own understanding.

Feast on this scripture:

Proverbs 14:12 There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death..

If it doesn’t lead you to God, according to HIS WORD… It is, she is, He is, or they are a distraction! Yeah, the debate over a flag, those cops, your bestie, your Bae, your crew… They have been a distraction and you are getting further and further away from the path…. STAY ON THE PATH..

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