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Pastor Bee's Be's of Being a Servant 

Pastor Bee’s How to Be when serving in the Spiritual (motivational) Gift Of Serving (Ministry)

1. Be Alert- Pray that the Holy Spirit leads.. “Show me the need and how to serve”

2. Be Kind-Be considerate and Be gracious…Watch how you speak to folks and how you handle them

3. Be Generous-Be generous but know that you are not responsible to meet every need that a person may have. Some folks might try to make you feel that way. Newsflash… Only God can meet every need.

4. Be Joyful- We are to serve with…

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Ground Fighters  

This is for the one who has found themselves feeling flustered, flattened and just down-and-out, I promise you’re not alone. We can get so focused on all the things that need to be done that we can’t see we are coming undone. We can’t see, hear or remember a lot of things. Like the disagreement we are about to step right into, the whisper of God’s voice trying to give guidance, and where did we put those car keys that are right there in our hand. We like to think, we’ve got this. We are strong. We can do it…

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Choose Wisely 

I was reminded of something that I have been saying a lot lately last night. I have been saying that we only have a few heartbeats in this life. That we need to be mindful because we don’t know when our time is up. Yesterday, I got news from a friend of one of my old soldiers that I was very close to, passing away. It was like a gut shot. I hadn’t seen him since Germany but found myself crying in my car as I got the news. He had made some life choices that may have ultimately played a part in him passing…

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Not Going Back To Egypt 

Now the mixed multitude who were among them yielded to intense craving; so the children of Israel also wept again and said: “We remember the fish which we ate freely in Egypt, the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic Numbers 11:4-5


This is for the one who God has delivered from a bad place and because things aren’t sunshine and daisies, you may be questioning the journey that you are on…. When you are going through what feels like a wilderness experience, don’t make the mistake…

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Not Today Satan! 

Matt 16: 23 Jesus turned and said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns."


This is for the one who keep entertaining the things of the world. Those who have purpose but continue to be behind the power curve or simply spinning your wheels. The word tells us that we are not ignorant of Satan and his devices but we sure keep actin ignorant. Here we have Jesus who clearly explains his mission and the days to

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Stop Playing The Game... 

I want to talk to my young people this morning. I had you on my mind and wanted to see if we could vibe. So many of you know of God and have either read of heard of HIS promises and yet you keep playing this game with him and his feelings. In HIS WORD it states that it is his desire that none be lost. HE even sacrificed his son for us all, yet the game is constantly played. He reveals HIMSELF to you and you tend to only want him when storms come or when pain is in your life. I thought of the game of when

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One of the great don’ts in our lives is to not Fret… It gets us all out of whack mentally and spiritually.. It is easy to day don’t Fret but having the nature to not fret is on another level. Scriptures says to rest in the Lord and we can preach it until all hell breaks loose around us. Resting in the Lord cannot be dependent upon circumstances but on a true relationship with God himself. Newsflash, Worry always results in sin. Some people tend to think that a little worry and anxiety are indications of how

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Today's Nugget... 4 August 2017 ... Topping You Off 

As I was filling up my vehicle this morning. Preparing to put on some miles, I thought of so many folks that I know. ...Empty.. They have let life run them completely down. All you hear are their stories of pain, sadness and hopelessness.  The news that they share is not the GOOD NEWS of the gospel but the local news.. National News... Tabloid news.. All of the sad and bad news... These folks who claimed to be “Believers”… I have read that the lips of a righteous man is a wellspring of life and also that it…

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Act Like You Know 

I want to take the time to hopefully encourage someone and help with their perspective. We see and hear the news. We see what appears to be the collapse of our society. Such a sad sight. We have senseless killings… Hatred is on the rise… Our elected officials are not living godly lives and not doing what they said that they would. For the first time in my life, I read of a travel advisory for a state that has to do with color and gender. Words of Jim Crow laws being enacted. Is it true? I hear so many speak…

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What Kind of Sheep are you? 

Hey Family,

I recently read what I thought was one of the coolest reading about sheep and shepherds. It made me think today and I got a nugget for someone. It may not be you but someone reading this will grow from this. I am first going to ask, what kind of sheep are you? Are you one who has to be driven or led? … Got you thinking huh?… I read that sheep really need a shepherd. Without a shepherd, the sheep, if in a large pasture would literally eat themselves to death.. Sheep need a shepherd to make them

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Cost Free Insurance... Yours if you want it.. 

I had been watching things around me, some of my people and my community go a little out of place. I have witnessed little things that been going on that could cause havoc in my ministry, life and the life of those that I love. It seemed to be something here and there. The first thought at times was to panic. I even became emotional a few times. Then the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me. I was reminded of my Insurance policy... See when we have great insurance, we don't need to worry about the mishaps ofRead more

My Simple Take on Worship 

I was studying and thinking today about how marvelous heaven will be and the things that we will do there. Then it hit me. So many things that we do down here won't be necessary in heaven. I won't have to do any evangelistic work there.. Won't need to share the gospel there..Praying as we know it now won't be the same. No need for discipleship.. The one thing that we do down here, that we will be doing there is WORSHIP..... Ever thought about that? Worshipping is to place worth on something. We will beRead more


I wanted to share a scripture with you. It is about acceptance. Whether you want to admit it or not, we all want to be accepted by someone. If no one else we want to be accepted by God. We tend to not accept certain people because they don’t fit into our mold of how “people” should be. We look at some folks as risks. You may think “if I associate with them then my standards will drop or my reputation can be ruined.” Don’t trip. We all have done it. Can’t let certain folks get too close. Can I paint a quickRead more


I recall having a conversation with some of my fellow ministers some years back. In conversation I heard how some thought that they were better than others because of the “minister” title. I even heard one say how he felt intimidated around others who were in ministry longer. Made me think. I had to speak up. Some liked what I had to say and others didn’t. Look, by definition, the word minister is no position of higher authority… It is defined as being a servant. They were privileged with carrying the wordRead more


Today, I looked at a familiar text. I have been thinking about the text. We all have a race to run. Sadly, we are not always in full stride and focused on the finish line. We spend so much time looking in the other lanes.... Let me say this and hope that someone grabs this nugget. Let’s focus on our own races. So many of us think that if we are looking better than the next guy, that we are doing great. No, no, no…. God is not going to measure us on how we compared to others. He is going to judge us on our…Read more

What Have You Invested? 

I have been talking to a few folks who have been going through “stuff”. Some say that they desire holiness.. Some say they just want some peace.. Some have told me that they want some joy.. Others want to feel love. My response has been “I see what you desire, but what have you invested?” I spend a lot of time working on my girls. Trying to help them become better people and better representatives of Christ. One of the things among many things that I stress is “You get out of something, what you put intoRead more

Come Out From your Hiding Place!  

Psalm 139:1-6 For the director of music. Of David. A psalm. You have searched me, LORD, and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you, LORD, know it completely. You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.

I look around and see so many trying to hide from truth. God isRead more

How Much meaning Does Your Life have? 

Guess what? We all are going to die one day. My question is how is the quality of your life at the moment? Some would say “GREAT!” They would say that they have a fine job, family, material stuff ect. Some would talk about their fame or popularity. I have seen so many that say that one day and then be miserable the next. They take their lives due to “depression”. Some say that their lives suck because of the lack of money, love, notoriety ect… Can I keep this about scripture? Thank you. David said this in…Read more

Cleansing, Confession, Conversion 

I want to help someone today who is struggling to do the right thing and be right. I read that a life in Christ as Christians is like a glass mirror. We not only show and reflect the glory of God to the world but we also show the world its’ flawed image. We expose all the defects and attempts to hide the blemishes. That is why the scripture that I am going to share with you is so important today. We have to keep it real and humble ourselves by constantly confessing our sins to God and each other. This helps…Read more

The Cycle  

I think of my walk with Christ and I must go back to the many good folks who poured generously into me. There were my parents, grandparents, great grandparents.. Then there was a group who loved me for no reason at all. Elder Doss, Elder Joiner, Pastor White, Rev. Carpenter, Pastor Robinson, Rev. Thomas, Apostle Neal and the list goes on. I was told by a good friend in ministry that we are to be distribution centers. I then looked at David’s words when he said that My cup runneth over.. Yes, my over flow isRead more

What Say You? 

I choose to live the life that God has placed before me. I follow Christ.. I strive for holiness. I imagine that the devil isn’t too thrilled with that. I know that my boldness or “sticktoitness” is offensive to those who chose to go with the flow of society. Not tripping on them not liking me or not speaking to me. I too get offended watching them pour out their own quicksand, jumping in it, and trying to persuade others to jump in with them. Anyway, I chose between God and man… God won.. He will win everyRead more

The Bloodline pt 2 

I had lunch with my son yesterday and just simply enjoyed the moment. It made me think of a recent conversation that I had with my sister and my wife in reference this “Brown Family Thing”.. Give me a minute cause I am going somewhere with this. I gave a nugget years ago called the bloodline.. I am going to revisit and revise… My sister recently moved here in Kansas. What a feeling! There is something about more Browns being in the midst. Nothing against other families.. I am relating to the Browns. See, weRead more

Under The Influence 

My nugget today is about being under the influence… I know where some of you went but this isn’t the case. I was reading a proverb which stated that we should discipline our kids while there is hope. For you parents you notice your kids start to struggle with their identity and look for independence at around 12 years old. So many mothers start to panic at that point because the kid starts to pull away some. In an act of desperation some parents attempt to tighten up some and in some cases the powerRead more

Stay on The Path! 

I was reading a scripture in Proverbs today and it got me thinking as I look at the world and how most folks think. I have been talking to my folks about staying focused on what is important and how critical it is to stay on the path. I read a book which explained further to me the mindset of most of Americans.. Here is what it said..” 74% of Americans think it is all right to steal from people who they believe will not really miss it; 64% believe it is acceptable to lie, as long as no one gets hurt; 93%Read more