I wanted to share a scripture with you. It is about acceptance. Whether you want to admit it or not, we all want to be accepted by someone. If no one else we want to be accepted by God. We tend to not accept certain people because they don’t fit into our mold of how “people” should be. We look at some folks as risks. You may think “if I associate with them then my standards will drop or my reputation can be ruined.” Don’t trip. We all have done it. Can’t let certain folks get too close. Can I paint a quick picture for you. Picture yourself from the perspective of God’s eyes. Did HE not take a risk by accepting you? Were you or are you that squeaky clean or trustworthy to do what is right in HIS sight? Pause for a minute and think it over. Some of us are bad risks for intimate relationships because of certain fears and walls we have put up. Try to remove judgmental eyes and replace them with empathetic eyes. This allows us to compassionately focus less on protecting ourselves and learn to reach out to others in love. We will be more concerned about how we treat others. God will produce a level of trust that we never had before. We will learn though HIM, who we can trust and how much we can trust them. We will learn to even love those who we cannot trust. Nugget… God accepts us.. Flaws and all.. We must be able to do the same when it comes to others. We need to stay real with them but also be willing to try to build relationships. Pray on that..

Today’s scripture: Accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory." Romans 15:7