One of the great don’ts in our lives is to not Fret… It gets us all out of whack mentally and spiritually.. It is easy to day don’t Fret but having the nature to not fret is on another level. Scriptures says to rest in the Lord and we can preach it until all hell breaks loose around us. Resting in the Lord cannot be dependent upon circumstances but on a true relationship with God himself. Newsflash, Worry always results in sin. Some people tend to think that a little worry and anxiety are indications of how wise and aware we are but truthfully, they are indications of how wicked we are. Fretting arises when we are determined to have things our way. We never saw Jesus worry and he was never anxious. This is because his purpose was never to accomplish his own plans but the plans of the Father. In the life of a child of God, fretting is simply wicked. How dare we sit there and ponder that our circumstances are too much for God to handle. Time to put your opinions and speculations aside and to abide under the shadow of the ALMIGHTY. Intentionally tell God that you will not fret about anything that concerns you. The only reason you fret is because you foolishly made plans without

God Psalm 37:7-8