I recall having a conversation with some of my fellow ministers some years back. In conversation I heard how some thought that they were better than others because of the “minister” title. I even heard one say how he felt intimidated around others who were in ministry longer. Made me think. I had to speak up. Some liked what I had to say and others didn’t. Look, by definition, the word minister is no position of higher authority… It is defined as being a servant. They were privileged with carrying the word of God but they were merely servant. I hear folks brag on how large their congregation is or how enormous their anointing is… How gifted they and their families are… Yakkity yak…. They have acquired documentation in order to say that they have “mastered the Bible”… Throw up their degrees and stuff.  were the flashy religious garments...They talk and talk and talk…. No need for folks to talk of them because they do enough for themselves. It’s sometimes sickening.. Well, I wonder if they read the scripture which states “The Lord shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things.” That is from Psalm 12. I want to say this. Though you are saved, you aren’t better than anyone.. You are just better off. Being a minister, a Pastor, an Apostle or whatever your calling is, isn’t a reason to be braggadocious and prideful, but a reason to find comfort and to serve. I’ve seen so many, who have worn their titles and accomplishments as badges to show off, turn out to be ill equipped and soft at the sign of real pressure.