What Kind of Sheep are you?

Hey Family,

I recently read what I thought was one of the coolest reading about sheep and shepherds. It made me think today and I got a nugget for someone. It may not be you but someone reading this will grow from this. I am first going to ask, what kind of sheep are you? Are you one who has to be driven or led? … Got you thinking huh?… I read that sheep really need a shepherd. Without a shepherd, the sheep, if in a large pasture would literally eat themselves to death.. Sheep need a shepherd to make them lie down in green pastures so that they don’t eat themselves to death. I’m told in the West, shepherds drive their sheep where they want them to go. They stand at the rear of the flock and they have dogs that they use, to bite at the heels of the sheep in order to get them to move in the direction that they want to drive the flock. I read that Eastern shepherds lead their flocks from the front. This is how I see Jesus with us. I will back this up with scripture in a bit for you that like to dissect what is being put forth. While the shepherd rests, the flock eats.. Then when the shepherd stands up, says a few words and starts to move, the flock humbly and obediently follow. This made me think of our Lord when HE said in John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” Folks you gotta know this… Without a shepherd, we become scattered and lose our way.. Some of us die.. When looking at scattered flocks of sheep, things get violent. The Rams raise against each other and begin to butt heads to see who is going to be in charge of the scattered flock. The one with the hardest head ends up in charge. Without the Lord in our lives, we find ourselves at the mercy of hard headed, driven people, or we wander without purpose or sense of real direction. Eating ourselves to death.. What I mean by that is feeding on the things of the world and our flesh. Killing our spirits. If we walk by the spirit then, we live led lives and not driven lives. No one will make you walk in the spirit, nor in the flesh. We choose freely. So are you led by the spirit of God or driven by fleshly desires? What kind of sheep are you?



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