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Don't Die In Winter 

This is a nugget that I have written previously. Just seems so fitting due
to the volume of calls, emails, and text messages that I have been getting
from folks that I know, who have been going thru harsh times. I hope this
feeds you today.

I want to encourage someone who seems to be in a season of constant storm or
cold. We all know that to everything there is a season. The thing that you
must do is not let your season kill you. I read a book entitled "Don't Die
In Winter". It was based off of…Read more

Overcoming Suicidal and Murderous Tendencies 

I have been seeing a lot of murder-suicides and suicides lately…. Made me think and pray. I want to share some stuff with you that has been revealed to me. So many of us have had or still have murderous or suicidal tendencies. Those of us who don’t are only one step away. Some of you are saying that you love yourself too much to kill yourself. Well, let me get at you here. The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death and yet we sin daily. Sounds suicidal to me. To inflict such stuff on ourselves… How…Read more

On Which Foundation Do You Stand? 

Hey Family,
I am going to piggyback on the message that my Pastor put out on yesterday. He dealt with trusting God. So many of us believe that God is God. That HE can do all things.. That HE is all wise, all powerful and everywhere. Yet, so many of us are not seated on the solid foundation when trouble arises in our lives. When it comes to our health, our money, our relationships and YES, our kids…. We want to feel that we are in total control of it all and when we see that we aren’t, trusting God is one…Read more

God Sees 

I want to go straight to the pure in heart. I want to encourage those who are earnestly trying to do this thing the right way. Those who choose God’s way over their way. You may be struggling. I know you are seeing those who choose to ignore what is right and do what has been convenient. Those who seem to be prospering and on easy street. Every day is one day closer to pay day. You just keep putting in the work. I had a guy recently who works with me. He was with me when I had done a job. Everything wasRead more

When You Find yourself Abandoned 

I want to encourage someone today who may be feeling left out there or feeling abandoned. I know that feeling of putting your trust and confidence in people and when you need them the most they dipped on you. You know those folks who told you that they had your back.. The one who said that they’d love you till the end of the earth. The one who called you his dawg or the girl who said she was your chick.. Well, you know where I’m going with this.. Paul called out a time when those who was supposed to have…Read more

We Purify... Not Pollute 

I was watching a Touched by an Angel episode the other night and it was
teaching about how a negative or bad attitude has the ability to wreck a
community. It was a powerful message! I went to work and almost fell for the
same trick of the enemy, the very next day. Early this morning, I was led to
a familiar scripture and it has truly ministered to me. It created yet a new
fire inside of me. I recalled the book of Numbers. Do you remember when
Moses sent out the 12 spies to Canaan to get a look at the…Read more


Hey Family,

I know it's been a minute. Been a little under the weather and the plate remains full. I want to talk on the subject of surrounding yourselves with "REAL" friends and family.. I had a conversation with a family member of mine. She had a few things twisted in her life. She had been surrounding herself around folks who said that they loved her and had her back. They even did an occasional deed to prove their love and devotion but when you looked at the big picture, they weren't "REAL". They…Read more

Nothing To Prove 

I want to help someone today. This is for those who have felt the need to justify themselves to folks who have tried to pass judgment on them because of who they are in the Lord. I have heard so many times of folks saying, “He is supposed to be a preacher..” or “They are supposed to be Christians.” You know how when others are jacked up, they try to marginalize you… Well I was reading Job and I got out of the text that we don’t need to prove ourselves to anyone. We need to stop worrying about what othersRead more


This short nugget is for my people who have allowed folks to ruin their day and their mood. You have given them authority that they did not earn. How can we allow someone to ruin our day when they didn’t give us the day in the first place? Psalm 118:24… So many of you have quoted it but have refused to live it… David put it out there like this: “This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Now…. SMILE… GOD gave you this day as a gift… Thank Him by enjoying it to the fullest!Read more

God Did It! 

How many of us have looked back over our lives and broken out in a sweat when we see a situation or time period that we didn’t see a way out of? I was sharing with a friend of the times that God reminded me that I needed HIM.. I was being faced with situations that were too hard for me alone.. I was faced with tests that I could not pass alone.. BUT GOD! He stepped in every time.. HE make this weak vessel strong! HE carried the load for me when needed. His Spirit spoke guidance to me… I often look back andRead more

God is not a flake 

I want to reach out today and give a message to those of us who are so driven based upon current situation. I have seen folks who have tended to be supporters or “FAM” and when a crisis arises or things didn’t go as they thought, they attempted to discredit me or say stuff about my wife to try and demonize her. I used to get so upset at these things because in an instant people changed on us. It used to make me want to either lash out or stop serving. You can say what you want but we all have feelings and…Read more

God Will Fill The Void 

Hey Family,

I was in the Old Testament today and came across a scripture that I want to share with those of you who may be feeling like you are lacking something. Especially those who are not feeling spiritually full. I want to share something that should add some excitement to your day. I needed this and it came right on time. I was looking at the times when I was feeling that I didn’t have everything that I needed to do ministry or take care of my family or even myself. I can recall having ministry events…Read more

Surviving The Winter... 

This is for the one who is going through or about to face life’s winter season…
I come to realize that often what the devil means to use to hurt you, God has a way of working it out for good.
I once spoke of us being like seeds. We can either be annuals (only
good for a particular time and have to be uprooted protected for a season..
Then replanted) or perennials (hardy and able to bloom when the time comes..
Able to withstand the harsh winter season without being moved.) In life folks are gonna
Read more

Pleasure verus Joy 

I was looking at the comparison of two things today… I want this to be thought provoking. I am expecting yall to go to my blog page and talk this one up. I am going to talk on the comparison of what I call Jesus Joy and pleasure. So many people get joy and pleasure twisted when there is a difference. Joy is a supernatural thing and pleasure is superficial.. You with me? Ok.. Look over the things that have given you pleasure over the years… Where they constant? Did the source of your pleasures change? I usedRead more

Dealing With Critics 

I want to give a word of encouragement to the one who feels marginalized or criticized. You did nothing wrong yet, someone went all out to make you feel unwelcomed, or persecuted. Don’t worry. We will always find folks who want to find fault in us and criticize when we don’t apparently fit into their mold. I have struggled with that over the years. I often asked the Lord why when I all I wanted to do is be a blessing or to do well. That is just the nature of some folks.. They criticize or they just cannot…Read more

Coming Out! 

That’s right. I threw my hands up! I gave in. Some said I’ve sold out. I’ve exposed myself. I admitted that I am jacked up. Lord, I’ve surrendered all to you. Then I came out unlike before. Souled out. Now I can do all things.. No shame in my game. Take a good look at me now! I’ve a real reason to shout, dance and sing. YOU have taken something ugly and are in the process of making it beautiful. I’m lovin’ it!? They are hatin’ it..


Hey Family,

I was revisiting Matthew 28 and reading the great commission and started to think of all of the times I failed at doing my part. I prayed for God to open the doors for me to share the message and from time to time unconsciously walked away from them. We all have. You can even see it in the Bible where folk got caught up in self and didn’t share God’s message. Jonah did it.. So many times in churches, people allow situations and goings on either put out their fire or kill their enthusiasm for
Read more

The Realness of God 

Have you ever been living life and the realness of who God is hits you
like," BAM!"? At that moment you receive a fresh charge. A new energy.. You
feel like you can take on the world for a little while longer.. The change
that you feel reaches your very core. Your relationship with the Lord
becomes deeper.. What a feeling.. Someone reading this may have forgotten
that feeling.. You let life and situations cloud your memory. My prayer for
you today is that The reality of the Lord and HIS greatness,
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Lion Tactics 

I read a familiar scripture today.. Short and sweet Yet, The revelation that
was given me was so deep. Can I share? Glad you gave me your permission. I
was reading 1 Peter 5:8. You know the one that says that we are to be sober
(self controlled) and vigilant (alert) because our enemy, the devil is on
the prowl like a lion, seeking who he can devour.. I broke it down so that
those who don't read the WORD can see where I am going. I went into thought
on how a lion hunts. Most of the time, they lay
Read more