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Doing It The Right Way... God's Got You!  

I want to go straight to the pure in heart. I want to encourage those who are earnestly trying to do this thing the right way. Those who choose God’s way over their way. You may be struggling. I know you are seeing those who choose to ignore what is right and do what has been convenient. Those who seem to be prospering and on easy street. Every day is one day closer to pay day. You just keep putting in the work. I had a guy recently who works with me. He was with me when I had done a job. Everything was…Read more

Monkey See... Monkey Do 

I was going through my wallet and came across a couple of those identity cards that police make for your children. This is in the case that they become missing or kidnapped. It breaks down the identifiable things like height, weight, eye color, and even has the place for fingerprints. I was with our youth in the church some time ago, talking about who Jesus is and what HE did for us. I was amazed at how little they really know. Yet, we are raising young “Christians”.. I thought of the old term, Monkey see,Read more

Looking for a REAL Change.. 

Many times we are content with sitting on the sidelines, hearing about other's lives being changed in huge ways and God being so important in their life. We go to church and hear people talk about what God has been doing in their lives. We go to events and conferences that we hope will microwave our Christian maturity to well done. We read books on how other's lives were changed. And that is good enough for us, but deep down inside, we wish we could have that happen in our own life. So we make promises toRead more

Wise Words 

I have been in the book of Proverbs…. Just chillin in the front portion.. It dealt a lot with the topic of wisdom. I want to encourage my readers of this nugget to pursue it with diligence. Pursue it in every facet of your life. Wisdom teaches us to depend upon God and encourages us to develop a godly character. A character so strong that it shows in everything we do and say. It leads to living a life of freedom and skillful living. Without wisdom, one makes foolish decisions and instead of leaning on GodRead more

Clean Heart Over Clean Hands 

In Luke 11:39. Jesus went off on the Pharisees. My message for MY people. God’s law liberates & protects. Let no leader or “Church folk” bind you with their tradition to the point where you are so religious and self-righteous that no one can find a spiritual bone in you. Don’t get caught up in the many rituals and theatrics either. So many “Bible Scholars” try to analyze the walk and worship of others and the sad thing is they struggle to see their own flaws, faults and shortcomings… They watch you… PullRead more

Wrong Aint Right! 

When I was a little kid, my grandmother Bessie, would be chewing out my mother or some of the other adults who though that they had all the answers and she'd tell them when they were wrong. One of her sayings was "right is right and wrong is wrong.. Plain and simple!".. We live in a society where it seems that being virtuous, sweet,and honest is looked down upon. Folks are attracted to ill behaviors, wild lifestyles, and would rather be labeled a thug over a saint. We'd rather be a loud mouth than a quietRead more

Built To Last 

I was in the book of Hebrews today. Chapter 10. Was thinking on how excited I get when I think of the things that I know God has for me. I also thought of how I sometimes get tired along the way. How many times that I thought of quitting. Tired of dealing with certain people.. Certain issues.. Seeing the same problems popping up. Some of you may have felt tired of trying to live right when you see folks living foul that seem to have it all. Don't believe the hype. I thought of friends that I have that…Read more

Trust This 

Well, Today I want to touch a topic that will shake some of my younger readers almost to your core. I want to cover the issue of ………TRUST…. Yes, I said it. Trust has to exist to have real relationships… I’m talking human and devine relationships. If you don’t have trust in God, all of your relationships will suffer. We fall under the false pretense that when we give into God that we won’t face disappointments, be hurt or even fall. Hear this, the more you trust GOD, the more effective you will be inRead more


I want to encourage someone today who may be feeling left out there or feeling abandoned. I know that feeling of putting your trust and confidence in people and when you need them the most they dipped on you. You know those folks who told you that they had your back.. The one who said that they’d love you till the end of the earth. The one who called you his dawg or the girl who said she was your chick.. Well, you know where I’m going with this.. Paul called out a time when those who was supposed to haveRead more

The Real...Exalted God 

Since everyone seems to like reality shows, I am placing “The Real” out here today. I wanna put something out there to the ones who are saying that they are doing it Big for Christ. Be careful. I see some of the posts and some folks come really close to sounding like they are doing God’s work for HIM as if HE couldn’t do a job without them. Newsflash! The best that we can do is open ourselves up and submit to the Masters hand. In other words, allow ourselves to be a vessel that HE can do HIS work through.Read more

Stop This Crazy Thing! 

I want to motivate someone to get off of the treadmill of life that they have been on and be willing to hit the road. Have you ever seen any of those movies where a person will experience something in life one day, go to sleep and find themselves reliving the same day over and over again? All while trying to reach a different result in the end? No matter how hard they try, they do so much of the same stuff over again and the result never gets to where they had hoped. I keep hearing George Jetson yelling Read more

Bread for a stone 

I just wanted to share this with one who may be bitter towards God and His possible punishment towards them. HE is better than we are. He doesn’t deal with HIS children in anger when chastising us. He doesn’t want to crush our self esteem. Just get our attention. He loves us too much for that. He watches us closely and guides us gently, when we are willing to be guided. He sees us as priceless. When His son was humbled by men, the Father lifted Him up above the earth.. Though He may have had to punish you,Read more

Where Does Your devotion Lie? 

I revisited a familiar scripture this morning and looked once again at the devotion of Paul after his rebirth. Paul was given vision on the road to Damascus. When we are reborn in Christ we are given visions.. That is if we are listening to the Holy Spirit at all. Some of us have been given enormous vision. So big that it has scared some of us or we took it as some false perception due to it being so enormous. We tend to shun it and see it as something beyond our possible reach. We overlook the facts that…Read more

A Preparation Period 

Hey Family, Was reading Exodus 3 and realized that God took HIS time preparing Moses to perform the job that he would have to perform in Egypt. 40 years in the wilderness of Midian.... It was a personal encounter at the burning bush where Moses got to come in the presence of the Loving God. This encounter permanently transformed Moses and give him a desire to seek God for the rest of his days. Is there anyone reading this feeling like they are in a wilderness period of their life? Maybe God is preparing youRead more

ANCHORED (In Memory of my Bro and Friend Pastor James T. Madry Jr.) 

I have a message for the one who is having trouble resting lately. You may have several things on your mind or just one major concern that just won’t allow you to feel settled. For some reason an old song rings in my head today and I believe that it is one of the motivators for today’s nugget. I often have seen my life as me being on a vessel on the seas. I have had my shares of storms and rain. Some violently pushed me into places of near death and destruction. Others though violent didn’t move me a bit.Read more

A Nugget For The Clueless.. 

I know it's been a minute but I won't move to send you a WORD unless I am sure that it comes from God. I talk to a lot of youth and young adults and I like to inquire about their plans. I let them go on and tell me of their dreams to be a professional this or that. Their plans for financial freedom and wealth. Then I ask the question. "What else?" Ooh. That gets them every time. I then ask the question of "what if you don't achieve those goals, what then?" I must say that any answer they give me to anRead more

Straight Up! 

 Was looking at what someone had said to me some time ago. They said the "church" is powerless because no one goes to it like it is a hospital for the spiritually sick. When I was given the vision for the Rock of Refuge, I was being shown a place to serve as a hospital and place of safety for those in need of the Lord. The word on the streets are there are very few churches in existence like that in our communities anymore. They are just places to gather socially, check the block that you’ve been, or look…Read more

Expecting growth Right where you are 

This is for the one complaining about where they are in life, love, ministry, work, ect. The reason that you have no strong roots (you are so easily moved and shaken) is because you refuse to grow where God has placed you.  Stop whining and complaining. Focus on being fruitful... Jesus said, “how much more your Father Who clothes the grass of the field will clothe you, if you keep your relationship right with Him. If you feel like God is not doing what HE said HE would in your life, try considering if youRead more

Pleasure and Joy... They aren't the same 

I was looking at the comparison of two things the other day… I want this to be thought provoking. I am expecting yall to go to my blog page and talk this one up. I am going to talk on the comparison of what I call Jesus Joy and pleasure. So many people get joy and pleasure twisted when there is a difference. Joy is a supernatural thing and pleasure is superficial.. You with me? Ok.. Look over the things that have given you pleasure over the years… Where they constant? Did the source of your pleasuresRead more

Are You a Bethlehem? 

Got this revelation from my Word.. Peep it. Jesus was not born from a natural birth because conception came from Heaven via the Holy Ghost. It took that for Him to enter this earth. We cannot enter into heaven via a natural birth. It takes us yielding totally to Christ to where he enters into us. Are you a prepared Bethlehem for HIM?

Cleaning House 

Hey Family, I wanna help someone who has been praying and it seems that you just cannot get a "yes" from God. Someone reading this is about to either get mad at me or grow greatly. We tend to think that the ritualistic religious stuff that we do, places us in God’s good graces while all along we are living so sinful. So blinded by the rituals that you cannot see your sin behind the religious acts. I have heard of people doing dastardly acts right after saying a prayer or reading the Bible.. Like saying the…Read more

Switched at Birth 

I am here to work with my new converts and assist you with your possible identity crisis’s. I have watched some of you struggling to fit into a system that you no longer belong to. The wicked system of our society. When you gave your life to the Lord, you were “switched at birth”. You no longer fit in to the world’s wicked scheme. The standard of your living is to be much higher now. You’ve gone from gutter most to uttermost. Instead of trying to go back and fitting in, you need to realize that you are…Read more

Sticking It Out 

I was in the book of Hebrews today. Chapter 10. Was thinking on how excited I get when I think of the things that I know God has for me. I also thought of how I sometimes get tired along the way. How many times that I thought of quitting. Tired of dealing with certain people.. Certain issues.. Seeing the same problems popping up. Some of you may have felt tired of trying to live right when you see folks living foul that seem to have it all. Don't believe the hype. I thought of friends that I have thatRead more

Taking The Risks 

I want to encourage the reader to keep the faith. Life is full of risks. Some would say that having faith comes with certain risks. If one doesn’t exercise faith, they take a chance on missing out on the life that God has for them. We all are going to take certain risks and that is ok. Trusting God should be a risk that we all must be willing to take. I read a passage recently and the writer spoke on taking risks. I know I am going to probably mess this up. He said to weep is to risk coming across as beingRead more

GET UP!!!! 

Hey family, Today has been a crazy day. I was feeling kinda down because my dad had to leave. One of my girls heard some news that she really didn’t want to hear. Just spoke to one of our new converts and he was feeling really down and lonely….. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…I am moved to send out an encouraging word to the ones who feel like they have been simply buried underneath their circumstances and feel like everyone has left them for dead. You know how it is sometimes. When things go sour in your life, folksRead more